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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another great house/deal in Cascade Shores

12942 Spanish Lane. This is a short sell (patience) but is listed at $179K now. This is a great 3/2 that shows very well. Clean and pretty, with a nice bedroom/bath that were added a few years ago. What a nice house, and Spanish Lane is a really nice street. So many great homes for sale in the shores right now, though many do seem to be finding new owners. I think this housing debacle may have a silver lining. All the homes that were not well kept seem to have "turned over" and have new owners that are bringing them up to their potential. Lots are being cleared, helping with our fire safety. In the end, we may have a more consistent look, and lots of interesting new neighbors. As they say, the only thing you can count on is CHANGE. The times they are a changin'.
Isn't the weather just perfect? Went and floated on the lake yesterday, and it could not have been nicer. From 2-4pm not a single motor boat on the lake. Just me, a floatie, little Kate the Chi-Chi and a whole lotta sunshine. Paradise. On the way out I realized the shrubs were holding a bounty of wild raspberries. Yum. It's still blackberry season too. The vege stands are carrying the heirlook tomato's now too. Joy.
So far, Herve and Jeremy are doing an amazing job painting our home. They are tidy and fast! Check it out when you drive by. Corner of BQH and Pasquale. They both live here in the shores (father and son) and you can't find nicer guys.

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