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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Man, my readers are smart folks!

Just got home from 3 days in Gray Area, and my house is almost finished. Herve and Jeremy and Tony are unbelievable! It looks amazing. My neighbors all said it looks like the builders just drove away, as in the paint job makes it look like a brand new house! Also Herve said that after I wrote about them, another neighbor came by to see and hired them to paint their house too! Good stuff. If you are interested in getting a bid on work you need done, you can reach Herve at 264-7094. They also do general contracting and foundation work.
Also, the guys went fishing at Jackson Meadows and brought me a 6 lb German Brown Trout that we'll be BBQ'ing tomorrow for lunch. Did your painters do that for you??????
Sharon Hess stopped by to mention that since I blogged about her house cleaning business here in the shores (she's on the service provider list) she has gained a few more clients. You are all sooooo smart to hire her.
Supv. Nate Beason and Doug Ferrell of the Roads Dept. came through and paved the corner here of BQH and Pasquale. I'll send them a quick thanks from all of us that have to make that turn, and can now do it safely without swerving to miss that pond that had formed.
Reminder: The Homeowners are having their annual community yard sale on 09/10, Sat. This is your chance to sell junk and buy treasures! You can have a booth for $10, and a table for $5. Lots of fun and food also.

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  1. Good job on the crater fill up! no more standing water for mosquitos.