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Friday, August 26, 2011

No Firehouse Flea Market this year

Boo-hoo. Pam H. let me know the community yard sale was cancelled this year as there were only 2 people participating. Does this mean no one is parting with their stuff? Maybe another sign this recession is not quite over. Will have to get my yard sale "fix" in town.
Our new foster dog is here. Carson is a young Beagle mix. Pure blond, funny and sweet, loves to love, and plays ball like a major leaguer. Great manners and totally housebroken,sleeps in his crate without complaining, he's a doll. Plus he never barks! Know anyone interested? He's a keeper. I'll be taking him to Petco adoptathon Saturday for viewing, or call me at 265-8680.

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  1. Sorry to hear no flea market but understand last year there were few people attending/buying. Perhaps we can make a list of things we would like tosee and post on stores notice board for all to see... would this be a virtual flea market?
    Love your blog. thanks