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Friday, December 17, 2010

Saturday is our Childrens Christmas Party at Firehouse

Since it's raining kittens and puppies, if you want to give your kids a break from the monotony take them to the firehouse for the annual kids party with SANTA from 1pm-3pm. Fun, food, games and gift bags for all. Terry Anasopolous is the chair, and as usual she does a wonderful job along with the other Women's Club members.
If you need something uplifting, read the today post. I cried. If you can, be sure to help a family not as lucky as you this year. Any small donation or grab a name off one of the "adopt a kid" trees in Kmart or at The Union, or send a check to animal rescue, or food bank. No matter what your situation, there is someone with more problems than you, which is both disturbing and comforting.
So the forecast is for wind/snow Sunday - Thu. Brace yourself.
Thanks for all the comments to the prior blog about the homeless and dogs. I think we can all agree that there is nothing easy about this economy, and "there but for the grace of God go I."
Everyone out there with no place to live is someones son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother. It's easy to look away when you pass someone like that, as it is hard to accept and acknowledge the suffering. I now make a point to talk to people I pass that are experiencing hard times, and if I can offer them something, I do so and try to have at least a brief conversation. Look them in the eye, ask a direct question, "are you local" or "where are you from?" I honestly see a change in body english and a raising of the spirit when you acknowledge the humanity, to someone who may be feeling less than human at that moment. Take that time if you can. Thank you.
Shih Tzu factoid: The breed was almost wiped out by the Chinese Revolution. Seven males and seven females were spared. ALL Shih Tzu's alive today are related to those 14 dogs.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sweet sisters looking for a home

Aurora (Rory) and Jasmine (Jazz) are still gracing our home, but would like to be in their forever home by Christmas.
Would you like to give these girls a wonderful home to start their new year? They are 6 years old and sweet as sugar
plum pie. Call me at 530-265-8680.
Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY from "the cold" that's circulating. Highly contagious, you get treated to 2 weeks of racking cough and head cold. Starts with a sore throat, and graduates to misery rapidly. I'm just getting over it, but now the Carters and the Inglis household has it. I didn't spread it to them!
So much good entertainment in GrassValley the week between Christmas and New Years.
Dan Hicks (aka, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks) is appearing (remember "I scare myself"). He's just great, and so entertaining, part of the old 70's Bay Area music scene, and huge in Europe. Our best kept secrets are revered in Europe. Then there's the Trailer Park Troubadours. If you've never seen them, you MUST. They sing about life in the Shady Glen trailer park, and the lyrics are hysterical, but the music is bluesy, jazzy, country and seriously talented musicians. "My girlfriend whistles when she walks. Not because she's happy, but because she has so many body piercings the wind goes through them." Thirdly, on New Years Eve we're catching Paula Poundstone at the Center of the Arts. I've seen her a number of times over the years, and she never disappoints. What ever you do, have a great time doing it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Homeless with a pet

During my last shift at the shelter I got a call from a woman. I wasn't sure at first what she was trying to say, as the conversation went like this: Me: Sammies Friends Animal Shelter. How can I help you? Her: Hi, I live in Nevada City, and I just saw a man with a dog. I think he is homeless. . . . . Me: Ok, can you describe the problem? Her: Well, I'm just thinking because he is homeless, well, that's not a very good life for a dog. . . . . . Me: Well, I suppose it's not a very good life for anyone, but many dogs are accustomed to living outside. Did the dog look sick? Her: Well, no. But still, it just doesn't seem right. Me: Was this on Broad St overpass, and was the man a large man with blond hair, and a yellow dog? Her: Yes. Me: I see them all the time. That dog looks like he hasn't missed a meal in years. He appears happy and well fed, and I'm guessing well loved. Mam, there is no law against having a dog just because you are homeless. But if you want, you can give the owner the number of the shelter, and if he wants, I can drop him off some food. Or better yet, next time you see him, why don't you give him some dog food, and maybe a bagged lunch with coffee money?That dog may be the only relationship he has, you know. Her: Well, OK. Still, it doesn't seem right.

Monday, December 13, 2010

How we deal with power outage

Thanks Pam and Robin for your comments on my previous blog. Now that things have calmed down, I want to share what Phil and I have learned after 11 winters here, with the occasional power outage:

You're sitting in the living room, watching your favorite show. Lights on, cake in the oven, fridge stocked, heater blasting. OOPS, lights out. Silently we rise from our comfy seats. Phil grabs and lights the two oil lamps in the dining room, sets one on the dining table, gives me one for living room. Using that light, we grab the 10 or so glass tea candle holders, and light those candles, disbursing them to each room we want to use over the next few hours, especially the bathroom, ya know. Light gas BBQ and transfer the food in the oven to the BBQ. Go to garage and pull out the generator ($500 at Costco, worth every dime). Gas it up, plug it in and connect 3 power cords (1) TV, cause Phil is always in the middle of a game, (2) fridge (obviously) (3) tankless water heater. Start a roaring fire in the fireplace if not already going. Pull out the camp stove that uses a propane can and boil a pot of water. Pour the water into the coffee pot directly over the grounds. Pour a nice hot cup of java. Sit back down and enjoy the beautiful ambiance and the incredible nature show in the yard. Total time spent: 20 minutes. Cost: zero. Enjoyment: priceless. Frustration level: NOT!
Yea, it took a few storms to finally figure it out, but that was part of the fun!
Article in the Union today regarding an about to be ex-husband shooting the "new boyfriend." Cops called it justifiable homicide. Apparently the boyfriend went to the ex's house with a claw hammer to do some damage, and hubby was waiting in the barca-lounger with a very loaded pistol. Boyfriend enters house with dangerous looking hammer, husband shoots him dead at close range from barca-lounger. Didn't break a sweat. Anyhoo, did the boyfriend really never see Sean Connery in the Untouchables???? Remember the line, "never bring a knife to a gunfight." Same goes with carpentry tools . . . . .