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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I recently told you that the shed at LML was kicked in (unsuccessful burgulary). Now Caroline tells the that across from her on Lake Lane, by Scotts Flat lot, some boats being stored were broken it to, and gas cans and gas taken, gas lines cut. So be on the look out. Why does this always happen in late May/early June. I guess the creeps are coming out of their hidey-holes. Be on the lookout . . .
Must be the year of the underdog. First the Kentucky Derby longshot (50/1) wins, (Mine that Bird) then the Preakness (Rachel Alexandra), 1st filly to win since 1924, then Melissa leaves , Dancing with the Stars early, then Shawn Johnson takes the prize, over Giles (aaargh?). The American Idol win of Chris Allen last night was a MAJOR upset (though my money was on him. I figure he grabbed the Danny Gokey christian votes). What next. Al Franken for Senator?????? Oh yeah, that happened. Anyway, I guess NBA will be next, then the Mets or Cubs will win the World Series. Hey, might be a good bet.
The Chron today reminded me of a great Herb Caenism. "Live each day like it's your last. One day, you'll be right."
Happy planting. Rite aid has 6 packs of flowers for $1.69. I'm on my way!

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