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Monday, September 29, 2014

I seem to be running behind . .

Last weekend was our annual community flea market/yard sale.  Unfortunately, the weather (rain) put a damper on it.  The weekend before, the smokey conditions caused the cancellation of the Womens Triathalon.  The good news is that the rain helped put out the King Fire, which is just smoldering, 90% contained, after burning nearly 100,000 acres. The other good news is that there is a suspect in custody.  What do you do to a guy who causes an entire forest to burn, loss of 80 buildings, thousands of people and animals displaced, $50 Million in firefighting costs, 5,000 firefighters risking their lives for over a week.  I'm not sure there is a punishment that fits that one  . . . .
It is mighty nice to have the rain here though.  The dust is settled, the lake, though seriously low actually rose a bit.  I heard there have been some wells in the Nevada City area go dry, so am hoping a wet winter will replenish some of the ground water soon.  CONSERVATION.  Give it a whirl.
Looks like the new ordinance forcing people with vacant lots here to clean them up is working.  I'm seeing a few lots clean for the first time since I moved here in 1999.  Check it out if you have a lot within 100 ft of your lot that needs cleaning.  ************************

Had the MOST PERFECT Nevada City Tour day Friday with friends from out of town.  Perused all the beautiful retail shops on Broad St.  Scarfed street taco's at Nevada City Eats bottom of Commercial.  Tasty Ice Cream (Violet flavor) at Treats in the alley by Ikes.  Wine tasting at Nevada City Winery on Spring.  Over to Three forks bakery for those amazing Fennel Meringue and seriously good Americano. Wrapped it up with people watching at Calanan Park, and as if it was not a full enough day, over to Lefty's to sit on the edge of Deer Creek and have a great beer and their "not to be beat" sweet potato fries with apricot/chipolte dip.  Oh yeah.
Both friends vowed to move to Nevada City. I vowed to fast for 3 days.  Calories!

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