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Sunday, December 21, 2008


I had to laugh at all the Police Blotter reports of burglars on the roofs in NC and GV the last few days. It sounds like giants on the roof and earthquakes here too as the mini avalanches of snow slide off the roof due to the warming and rain here in CS. Then one almost clobbered my little Harry Dog (Doxie) and I realized that you have to be careful! After we did an "add on "last summer (new living room) we have alot of new rooflines that are dumping the snow right on to walking areas. Be careful out there. Fortunately, the warmer air and rain is turning the snow into slush on the road making travel easier to town and within the shores. The big day is getting closer. Today is the last Victorian Christmas, a great opportunity to pick up those last minutes gifts. Have fun!

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