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Monday, December 22, 2008

Next CSHA Meeting 01/07/09/Plow Guy's

The CSHA board next meets Jan 7th, 6:30 pm at Firehouse. If you have any items for discussion, this is your chance. Our county supv. Nate Beason will be joining us. One local wants to discuss motorcycles (some not street legal, and ignoring tresspassing on private property laws).
ON another note, I thought the plow guys did a great job these last two storms. What do you think? The only problem I found was the signage at base here showing "road closed." Never know if that's true, or they just forgot to turn it. . . . That has been mentioned to Roads Dept. in the past, and they said they'd try to do better . . . .


  1. I'll have to tell my husband about this meeting, since one of the non street legal motocycles hit our saturn (which was in our driveway and very near our house) last year and didn't bother to leave a note. We had to pay to fix it ourselves. Thanks for the postings, they're helpful. Your neighbor across the street.

  2. I would like to atend that meeting also. As an avid dirt bike rider, I also dont like seeing and hearing those people raceing around here. And I would like to voice my opinion on the problem I have with how fast people drive in the Shores. Thanks Denise.
    Your neighbor down the street.

  3. I'm working on finishing a new home near the Lost Mine Lake park, and from the day we purchased the land, the sound of dirk bikes was a rather constant and annoying presence. It just feels like such a blight on an otherwise pristine and beautiful location. I also have concerns about the environmental impact on a fragile landscape. Thanks for noting that this issue will be discussed at the next CSHA board meeting. I did send the president of the board an email expressing my concerns. I so appreciate your blog to keep me up to date on local events. Your wannabe neighbor.