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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas lights

Went to Victorian Christmas last night. It was packed, people were buying (whew, happy merchants) and it was absolutely beautiful. Nevada City has never looked better. All the large victorian houses at the top of Broad Street are beautifully lit, a real must see. Here in Cascade Shores, the "most lit" homes as far as I can tell are on Cascade Dr (Don Frisbees) on BQH by Sargent Jacobs (John Jiminez). But there are lots of others too. We like to get a commuter cup of chocolate, jump in the motorhome (view window) and drive the shores looking for good decorations. Don't miss the Amaral house (take Pasquale off Red Dog, on left after 200 ft). Amazing decorations, Santa is there and DON'T miss Eddie the Elf (you'll see). The kids adore this place. When a fresh blanket of snow covers the ground lights it is really magical! Thank you Amarals. Merry Christms all!

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