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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bargains at Christmas/Rough & Ready

I went thrift shopping with my friend Caroline Inglis last Friday. We decided to work the thrift stores from Nevada City to Penn Valley (1/2 off days). WHAT A SCORE. Honestly, we found great items (lots of beautiful Xmas decorations) and even new unused items. The stores were packed, and each one seemed to really be strong in a different area (household, decorations, glassware, games). Anyway, the sleeper was the Rough and Ready General Store. Two ladies run a full time "gift/thrift" area inside the store, and have great merchandise, beautifully arranged and bargain priced. There is an amazing collection of the Byers Carolers, and the ladies are so nice and helpful. We left with armful's. Also, if you didn't know, Rough and Ready General has the BEST taco's in Nevada County (little known secret). They also do a "to go" business of homecooked meals. Like everyone, they are struggling to keep going in these times, so try to check them out!

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