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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer treats to beat the heat

Whew, it's hotter than a pistol out there.  Here are a few suggestions to beat the heat:
If you keep a nice cold pitcher of cold water in the fridge, add a couple of sprigs of mint and 1/2 of a thinly sliced cucumber.  Lemon cucumber is even better.

For the adults, use those Popsicle makers to make a Margarita pop.  Margarita mix, tequila and a little triple sec.  Freeze 4 hours and sprinkle a little salt over the pop.  Yummy.

Other things to do with Margarita mix (no alcohol in it)
Marinate chicken or shrimp
sprinkle over avacado's so they don't brown
mix with honey (microwave to make the honey mix well) and drizzle over fruit kabobs

I always dress fruit salad with a little Lemon Curd mixed with vanilla yougert.  Add chopped mint.  Wonderful.  Mint grows well here in the shores. Making lemon curd is easy.  Google it!

GuacataTaco.  Mix chunks of avacado, tomato and green onion and chopped lettuce.  Dress with a mix of mayonaise, chili powder and lemon juice. Put it all in a crunchy corn tortilla, or a fried flour tortilla.  Squeeze a lime onto each bite.

Lemon sorbet.  Easy to make, just google a receipe.  Just lemon juice, sugar and water.  So much better when you make it yourself.

At the street fairs, buy one of those neck thingy's that have magic pellets in them.  You soak it in water and it absorbs about a cup of water, and stays wet for hours!  Such a relief when you are in the hot sun gardening or just walking around town.

Or, you can just go JUMP IN A LAKE!

Nevada City and Grass Valley street fairs are in full swing, as are all the Farmers Markets.  Check for full info.  Shop local and take advantage of all the seasonal fruits and vege's. The local farmers need your dollars and encouragement more than the corporations!

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