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Friday, May 20, 2011

2 Aminals turned into to shelter today from Cascade Shores

Are they yours? A lovely ( and I mean that) male pitbull was brought in today. He walked into a home on Banner Quaker Hill Rd. a block from the store, and stayed the night. After a warm night in the garage and a hearty breakfast, he was brought into the shelter. Very sweet and well behaved dog. All white with a few black spots. He's waiting for his family at Sammies Friends shelter. He was wearing a green canvas collar, no tags.
Someone on Cascade Drive brought in a female Calico adult cat. Very friendly. Had been hanging around their house for a week or so.
CSHA has some fun stuff coming up this summer. Check the calendar for some socials and pot luck's.
Saw a 2 bed/2 bath house in The Union for $120K. Say "views" too. Wow. Have to go take a look at that one.
Got another check for $25 from PGE for power outage Feb/Mar. The refunds just keep rolling in. . . .
Dixie caught me. I said Sam's fundraiser was 3/27, but of course I meant 5/27.


  1. I am so tired of irresponsible pet owners. We have neighbors that moved in approximately 6 months ago on Summit Ridge. They have an adorable basset puppy that they carelessly let run loose daily. She comes across BQH and sits at our front door and barks to come into our house. We have rescued her in snowstorms, pouring rain and in the dark where she could easily be hit by a car or be dinner for wild animal. We always take her back home - and hand her to her owners and express our concern about her safety to her owners who clearly could care less about their dog. I take this girl in a minute if they really don't want her. Next time she is loose she is going to go visit Sammie's Friends and they can pay the fine to come get her - I give up!

  2. saw a poster of her at store today. I guess someone captured her and took her home. Maybe her family will get a clue . . . .