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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bumper Crop of new books are Firehouse Book Exchange

Some wonderful soul parked a new oak bookcase and tons of new books at the exchange. A treasure trove of cookbooks (my weakness). Stop by and grab some.
We are woefully understocked on kids books. They go as fast as they arrive. If you want to purge some from your home, bring em down!
FYI: LML will be rented Saturday for the day to Quail Ridge for employee appreciation.
Evenings are just so very beautiful at the lake. Check it out if you want a wonderful place to relax. I see lots of folks walking their dogs around over to the dog swim area. We are so lucky, as you can't take your dog swimming at the main gate at the big lake.
The dogs from across the street, bull dogs, unfortunately think that LML is their private fishing spot. Though I try to send them packing, as they are unattended, I must admit I find their fishing techniques facinating. They both stalk the fish quietly for about 5 minutes, then dive COMPLETELY under the water for about 40 seconds. They either come up with a rock (???) or a fish every time. Luckily, they believe in catch and release, as they lay the fish on the beach, and he wiggles back into the water. It's quite a site.

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