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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good to be back! Kayak races at LML

Got back from Oregon last Tues. Whew it's good to be home. Immediately set out for the Yuba River in the town of Washington. Water is slow, cool and perfect temperature. Friends Shera Banbury and Sue Stone joined me and we lollygagged in the water for 3 hours without so much as a chill. I highly suggest a visit, so good for the body, so good for the soul. I also stopped into the Washington Cafe for the BEST grilled chicken sandwich on a wonderful fresh french roll, yum. It is such a pleasure to sit on the back porch of a 150 year old hotel, 75 feet above the river, and gaze at the emerald green waters of the Yuba, watching school after school of trout and catfish pass by, and countless hummers feeding from the hanging feeders. The propane tank painted to look like a giant watermelon always makes me chuckle.
Yesterday (Sat) was the 3rd annual Kayak Race and family picnic at LML. What a perfect day, and at least a dozen kids got to learn how to row a kayak. The learning curve is short, and they all took to it, well, like kids to a kayak. All were racing, spinning and back paddling in a matter of minutes. It was such a pleasure to watch them having tons of fun in the lake. Also, the $4 burger, chip and drink deal was unbeatable, plus salad! Thanks Homeowners Assn. for giving adult and kids a chance to just go to the lake, soak up the sun, watch the kids, dip into the water, and just forgetaboutit! By the way, LML's water test got high marks for swimming, and the remodeling of the bathrooms is finished and they are spotless! Also, we have been able to replace both the fridge at the lake and firehouse, with newer energy efficient models. It's time to book your rental if you want the lake "exclusively."
Mother goose, Pops and the 3 babes are still hanging out at LML. Why leave? I've been so worried about the mom account of her broken leg, that I've been feeding her premium birdseed to boost her health, and I know Gary Kilday pampers her with stale bagles and the like. Anyway, now when they see me, instead of hissing and fleeing, they surround me looking for their peanuts and sunflower seeds! When I left a few weeks ago, the babes were still just brown fluffy kids. Now they are transformed into sleek black canadian's. What a difference. Anyway, Mom's leg seems much improved, and I guess we should start weaning them from the premium food so they'll fly away to whereever they go. . . .

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