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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Movie night at Firehouse

About 30 people attended the viewing of Wall-e last Friday night at the Firehouse. Free movie and crackerjacks. Just bring a chair and bankie. Womens Club will show 2 more movies on the next 2 Fridays, starting at dark. It's so much fun, and they are both adult and kid friendly movies. This week is PinkPanther deux (2).
Last night me, Phil, 2 visitors and Bill Carter went to LML to view the spacelab orbiting the earth. It was amazing to watch this vessle fly overhead at 17,000 MPH! About 15 minutes later we saw the another spaceship (Soviet) that was tailing the spacelab. I'll tell you, the whole logistics of space travel is way over my head, but it sure was exciting to know that you are watching, with the naked eye, a ship carrying 13 humans approximately 200 miles overhead while standing in the parking lot of Lost Mine Lake. Tonight is I guess the last night to view it, so go to one of the lakes around 9:29 and be patient. It will be obvious! Stand in the LML parking lot with the lake to your back, and it will come from over the hill in front.

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