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Monday, July 12, 2010

movie at Firehouse

I did't make it to the Friday night movie at Firehouse this time (Monsters Inc) but heard it was a big hit. This coming Friday *(Journey to the Center of the Earth) is the last of the series! Lots of fun to sit under under the stars on a balmy night with all your neighbors/kids. Free popcorn and soda's/water. Thank you CS Womens Club! Just bring your chair and banky.
The Homeowners Assn is planning the annual group yard sale at Firehouse. If you want to participate (have a booth) at the Firehouse this year, contact Pam Herrenkohl (see her info on cascade shores website). She's checking on interest right now. It's a great way to get your garage cleared out for winter, make a few bucks and have fun with the neighbors. It's usually just a one day, (SAT ) sale. If you want to just shop, there will be many a treasure to find.
Things are going well at the Nevada County Shelter. It's getting spruced up, dogs are happy, kitties are in good condition, & lots of volunteers showing up to help. There are some wonderful dogs looking for permanent homes, or even foster homes. "Get a Life" by saving a dog or cat! Be sure it's the right dog for your situation. I've seen more than a few come into the shelter because they were the wrong dog for that family/person. Choose carefully. That's why fostering is such a win/win way to pick a dog. You get to try them on for size/personality. Agencies will pay foood/vet/meds while you foster. Call me if you want to hear about the experience from a foster mom's perspective.
Camped for 3 days across the lake at Scotts Flat. Such a beautiful clean campground. The bathrooms and showers are great too. The lake temp is perfect right now! By Sunday noon it felt like we had the campground and lake all to ourselves. It's fun camping in your own backyard!

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  1. FYI - There will be one more movie after this: "Old Dogs" on the 23rd.