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Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's hotter than hot, and time to hit the lake

Feels like a steam bath out there. Even the dogs (all 5 right now) are spending the day flopped on hardwood and lapping pails of water. Can't wait to hit the lake this evening in kayaks, once the ski boats take off.
Well, foster dog Minnie (cause she a mini-pinscher) got a great home with local artist LeeAnn Brooks (you've seen her wonderful river photography and art around town and in card selection) and her partner Robert. She could not have found a more beautiful and peaceful existence. Don't know who I envy more, LeeAnn for picking Minnie, or Minnie for getting LeeAnn and Robert. Any, wishing you a wonderful long life, "monkey girl."
No sooner did Min go out the door, that I went to my shift as the NC Shelter, and found a beautiful 10 year old male beagle named Chester hanging around behind the counter, flirting with all the girls. His former guardian "was done with him" and just turned him in. Well, I could not leave the little man in jail, so brought him home till a permanent situation can be found. Do you know anyone looking for the perfect companion. He is sweet, quiet, well trained, healthy and a perfect gentleman. I've only heard that "beagle bark" twice, when we arrived, and when he wanted his breakfast. He gets along with dogs and cats, and I'm told kids. He just needs someone who will let him live out these senior years with love and dignity. He's only about 25 pounds, and has the sweetest face you've ever seen. I'll try to post a pic.


  1. When do the ski boats generally get out by? I went up last Sunday evening for a kayak paddle and they were still out dragging inner tubes around.

    Is it true there's another lake that's good for kayaking just down from Scotts Flat?

  2. Hey Abbot, do you know about Lower Scotts Flat? It's accessible from the Scotts Flat side, not the Cascade Shores side.

  3. No, I don't. How do you get there? I usually put into Scotts Flat on the camping side.