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Monday, July 19, 2010

Lower Scott's Flat Lake

Had an inquiry about a quieter kayaking spot nearby. Yes Virginia, there is a lower Scott's Flat. Take Hwy 20 East to 5 mile house (same road that takes you go campgrounds). About 1/2 way down, turn right onto Scott's Flat Dam Rd. It's a good road, though signs may tell you different (locals want you to think you can't make it). Takes you right to a little launch spot. There is a house across the way. The people there like you to think you can't park (again, they wish is was their private lake, but it's actually NID/public). Just park on right beyond the launch spot. The water is coooolder (upper lake bottom water) but it's a beautiful peaceful spot, with the occasional small fishing boat. Lots of wildlife. This is the lake you view from the spillway of upper SF.
By the way, if you paddle the right hand side to the top of Upper SF, you will enter Deer Creek. You can go quite a way up this time of year (starts dropping soon and it's pretty quiet, too shallow for motor boats).
"Minnie" has been renamed Annie and is happy, happy, happy. Her new people work from home and she has their love and devotion 24/7. I love happy endings.
Supposed to start cooling today. Whew, I forgot how draining the 90's can be.


  1. You are doing a good thing by fostering animals. If your readers are interested in dachshunds who need forever homes, have them visit the California Dachshund Rescue site.
    So many dogs need homes and what better dog than a dachshund!

  2. Don't I know it. my "harry dog" is 16, been with us since he was 1 1/2. The stories I could tell (and do). Everyone loves the harry man.

  3. Thanks for this... was looking for directions to Lower SF!