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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Day at NC shelter

3 large dogs adopted today. A 6 month old went home with FOUR young children, to join another dog, 2 cats, rabbits and a snake. Now, that's a readymade family. A beautiful female Rott went to Sac to join her 3 humans, and another is off to another full family. Love happy endings. Still some great dogs needing forever homes. The kitten congestion was eased over the last week, but there are alot of young to older cats needing homes. Some real beauties. They are running a 2/1 sale (2 for $50) and discounting dogs from $80 to $50 to seniors. Way more $$$$ goes into these dogs than they are asking for adoption fee. Things are really calming down at the shelter, and Cheryl and Kurt have created a very safe easy atmosphere for all.
A reader reminded me that there is a Doxie rescue (Doxies are near and dear to my heart, as I have a 16 year old named Harry Dog.) There are alot of rescues for specific breeds. It's such a win/win to get a dog from a rescuer, as you will know so much about the animal from the foster parent. And they usually insist you return the dog to them if for any reason it doesn't work out.
They are spayed/neutered and have all their boosters. Ready made dog.
The Wed night & Thu night street fairs are in full swing, with awesome music. I've been working a booth for NC Land Trust, promoting their 8th annual concert to be held Aug 26th (Sat) with the fabulous Mavis Staples (of Staples singers). I've never seen her live myself, and can't wait, but many fans have dropped by the booth and told me "she brings down the house!" The event is at NorthStar House on Old Auburn Rd. Get your tickets from the Land Trust. Bring your own low back chair and enjoy a wonderful night of music under the stars at a great historic site. Soooo Nevada County.

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