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Friday, July 2, 2010

Gardens, cont + dog, dogs, dogs

Hey Anonymous: gardening in cascade shores is such hit and miss, you hate to invest alot of $$ when you don't know if it will even thrive here! Sooo, I would love to start a "free nursery" for neighbors to share cuttings of stuff that works! (god know my vinca is taking over, and the ajuga).
Want to start a campaign with me? Call me at 265-8680.
First day at shelter, and heard/saw some heartbreaking stories. The beautiful little sweet pit mix left behind to fend for herself when the family moved to Hawaii. A concerned neighbor came in to tell us all about her, how sweet, loves to swim, loves children. No shots, not fixed. Most loving little thing. If interested, go to shelter and as for "rosie." Shelter will take care of her needs, spay and shots. You can adopt her for $80. Most of my best friends cost me alot more than that! Also, shelter is full up on kitties. Is it time to adopt?
Scooter's Pals rescue needs volunteers to got to Incredible Pets ""adoptathon" on Sat. July 9th and just hang out with pups so people can come by and meet them. Call Sally at 268-3557 if you would like to help. Good community service for something to do for the teens.

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