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Monday, June 28, 2010

Looking for a cute little dog to love?

My current "foster pup" is a darling young (between 1 - 3yr old) mini-pincher. For lack of a better name, she is Minnie. Friendly, smart, quiet (till you leave her behind) and soooo loving (sweet little kisses). She gets along with everyone and everything, but likes to chase the kitties (hasn't caught one yet, and I guess like car chasing, what do you do when you catch em?) She belongs to Scooter's Pals, but if you want to meet her, call me!
Firehouse movie this Friday is "UP." That's a great animated movie, family friendly, but adult friendly too. Should be a nice warm night.
Did you notice someone added the word "KILLS" to the 3x4 or so Marlboro poster by the store. And they left it. Kind of an anti-smoking ad. I personally thought that big sign was kind of "overkill" (pardon the pun) for ciggs. Why not glamorize something healthy?????? Thought Joe Camel was dead. (died of lung cancer)
It's HOT, but not as hot as in town. I love coming home to 10 degrees cooler.
Huge raccoons were having a little argument in my back yard a 2am. Woke us all up, but the dogs declined to go have a chat with them about the noise. Anyway, warning, don't leave pet food outside. Everyone has awoken, and they're hungry!

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