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Thursday, July 1, 2010


As I was meandering around my garden today, (which I must say is lookin' good) I began thinking about how peoples gardens mimic their personality. I admit, I'm a kinda willy nilly, haphazard, "good enough for government work" type. So goes the yard. A little of this here, that there, no real composition. I like to think of it as English style, but I don't think it's even that organized. Then I go to Kent and Anna Rees house (a/k/a Little Sweden). They are very precise, organized perfectionist types. Their garden is organized, color coded, and I think the plants discuss amongst themselves when to bloom so the whole thing looks picture perfect all the time. Carol and Bill Carter = perfectly groomed/no weeds allowed/minimalistic but classy. My theory is, if you want to know what type of person lives inside, just take a peek a the yard. It'll give you a pretty good idea!
While on the subject, my friend Lynn Donald of "Plant Parenthood" flower gardens gave some really good advice about deadheading that I never forgot. She said a plant is like any other mother. Once she has given birth (flowers have appeared) and they mature, she feels her job is done, and she just goes to sleep for the rest of the season. So if you want your plants (or in this case, the mother) to keep on producing well into summer and fall, keep removing the babies (in this case withering flowers) and she'll get off her butt and reproduce again! A mother's work is never done.
Tomorrow I start my volunteer service at the Nevada County Shelter, who is as of 7/1 being managed by Sammies Friends founder Cheryl Wicks instead of county employees. Cheryl is a animal lover extraordinaire, and I expect big improvements in the quality of care all will receive in the shelter. Already they have cleaned the place up, are creating a "play room" for kitties, and planning to provide more flexible hours of operation. They can always use more volunteers if you have a desire to improve the life of a shelter animal. Cross your finger I don't come home with more. We're at 3 right now, and Phil says I'm "pushin it."


  1. sheeesh i hope people don't judge me on my garden. Its pretty bare. have been working on it slowly, no money to do anything really big, but did manage to build a planter box and planted veggies from seeds. they are beginning to sprout and its very exciting. grass to come sometime this summer and more fencing, which the home owners association should love.

  2. Yeah for Sammie's Friends and the wonderful new shelter, and to you Denise for volunteering. I've been thinking about signing up myself.