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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Traveling Red Dress

To my lady friends reading this blog: please read the bloggess "The Traveling Red Dress." Link on your right. Just F'ing inspiring. Love ya all. Click on the link showing all the pics. How great to feel that great about yourself.
Like a some of you, I've asked Dixie why she has seemingly abandoned her blog. She says she is just happy "flying under the radar" for now. Still basking in her 50 lb weight loss (you look mah-va-lous) and enjoying her jobless status. House clean, check, body makeover, check, daily exercise, check, happy home, happy husband, happy dog, check, time with the kids and grandkids, check, check, check. A bit of travel, check. Volunteering, check. Catching up on reading list, CHECK. Still, wishing you would share some of your thoughts Dix. See you for coffee and gossip soon? Was the Lady Gaga wig your Red Dress?

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