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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day and Bear Season

In my younger days (school days) Memorial Day only meant a long weekend to play in the newly arrived summer weather. After meeting Viet Nam vets, and understanding my own fathers role in WWII, it took on a far more important meaning. Be sure to make that phone call, or send that emial to the vets you know, thanking them for their sacrifice and service. It means the world to them.
Neighbor Pam Herrenkohl (and new Board Member) reported on her Facebook that she got a call from Lane Cox on Banner Quaker Hill by Gas Canyon Rd that a bear was in the garage! Pam and family raced over to cajole him out of the garage, but he/she had already made a hasty retreat. Oh yes, it's bear season again. Remember, our bears are shy and will happily retreat if you just make some noise. Don't leave pet food or any other food outside, keep garbage inside your garage until Thu. morn, and never ever take a shot at them. It could cost you a year in jail and $1000 fine. By the way, there is no "bear relocation" program in California. If a bear is deemed a real problem, he/she would be killed. So, be a good citizen of the woods, and don't make it tempting for the critters to visit your home, possibly dooming their existence. That means CLOSE your garage doors and make sure your other doors are not open when you are cooking something yummy. Even a vegetarian bear can't resist a fresh pie coming out of the oven, or an easily tipped garbage can. FYI, the last time a black bear attached a person in California was in like, Eighteen eighty (1880), in Santa Cruz mountains.


  1. thanks for the info re bear in neighborhood. will keep the BBQ to a minimum!.

  2. BBQ away, just set a place for Yogi!

  3. As newbies here, great info. After today's ribs, its into the garage for the grill. By the way, do bears like to eat poodles?

  4. Well Gail, I'm not sure. But I would not send the poodle out covered in honey or manzanita berries. thanks for the comment. When the bears come near our yard, my two dogs hi-tail it for the bedroom. They do not even like the smell of bear (bears apparently don't bathe often).