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Monday, May 31, 2010

Is your "Dog at Large?" I'm talking to you Randy . . .

First: A message to Gail. Thanks for the comment. I'm pretty sure bears don't like the taste of poodle, (who does?) but just to be sure, don't send the dog out smeared in honey or wearing a manzanita berry necklace. My dogs ( a doxie and a shepard mix )retreat to a safe position UNDER the bed when they smell the bear. Apparently bears are not partial to bathing. Now Frankie, the beagle up the street, will chase the bear until he tree's it. So far, so good.
Got a visit from a neighbor requesting any info I had on Indy. You might remember me writing (raging?) awhile ago that a LARGE yellow lab named Indy who lives on Gold Bug is allowed to freely wander all of Cascade Shores. Indy can scale any fence (and does) and is "intact" (still has his puppy making equipment) and loves to get all the fenced dogs riled up. Well, my visitor says he climbs the fence she had built expressly to keep him out and tramples and pees on her precious, and expense plants. I have personally called Indy's owners and asked them to contain him, and was met with a total lack of interest or understanding what problems he creates in the "hood."
So, for those readers who are having a problem with Indy, or any other similar dogs, here is the code for Nevada County:
Sec. G-1V, 1.47 Animals Running at Large Prohibited: No person owning or having possession, charge, custody or control of any animal shall causes, permit or allow the animal to be in any building or enclosure or to stray, run, or in any manner to be at large in or upon any public streets, sidewalk, park, school, ground or other public place or property witho9ut the permission of the owner or person in control of such private place or property. AT LARGE: animal off premises of it's owner & not under control of the owner by means of a leash, chain, tether, adequate fence, or other effective device.
Should such an animal be impounded by Animal Control (as in given a ride or picked up by dog catcher) the 1st offense is $50, 2nd is $100, 3rd, $150, 4th, $200, 5th and sub $250. The phone number for animal control is 265-2179. You must file a written complaint. The complaint form can be found, with some difficulty, at the Nevada County Sheriff website. As you may know, Cheryl Wicks of Sammie's Friends is taking over running Animal Control July 1st. We can thank Cheryl and friends for bringing the death rate of shelter animals from 68% in 1998 to 2% in 2009. What an angel!
If you want Indy's home phone, send me a comment. Only by complaining to owners and Animal Control can we protect our property and help dogs like Indy be safe. I have not had success in attaching the link, so I'll print it here:


  1. The next time I see that dog out I will gladly give him a lift to the shelter!!

  2. You know I'm with you on the subject of Indy, Mimz, loose Pit Bulls, et al. I think the dedicated folks at the shelter could find responsible new owners for these neglected dogs, after some miner surgery, of course!

    On another topic... CSHA board member Chuck Jaffe was in a serious bicycle vs. mail truck accident today on Pasquale. (See for the article and a photo of Chuck being airlifted from the Scotts Flat/Cascade Shores parking lot.) Get well soon, Chuck! P.S. there are easier ways to get out of the BQH road clean up this Saturday!