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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bike accident on Pasquale

Chuck Jaffe, Casade Shores resident, CSHA Board Member and the Union movie reviewer was injured in a head on collision with the mail truck today on Pasquale. He is in the hospital in "good" condition, with a head laceration and shoulder injury. Chuck was airlifted by Calstar helicopter from the Big Lake parking lot at between 1pm and 1:30. Security dude Mike Inglis was present and took pictures of the evac not realizing it was his friend Chuck. Godspeed Chuck, and we're thinking of you and Marvina. Note: Chuck unfortunately was not wearing a helmet. The mail truck was not being driven by Denise, but another carrier.
Wed AM: Good news. Kent Rees just called me to say that Chuck had some surgery, has a broken collarbone and had 100 stitches in his scalp. He is doing well, and should be coming home tomorrow. Whew, that was a close one! Lucky man Chuck.

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