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Friday, June 11, 2010

Interested in reserving Lost Mine Lake this summer?

FYI, the person to call if you are interested in reserving Lost Mine Lake is Pam Herrenkohl, at 265-2363. Her email is Wow, that's an easy one.
I was at the LML last Saturday. All the late rains have left the lower half of the grassy area all the way to the beach very boggy. We took the dogs to "Bella's Beach" around the corner and it was perfect. The dogs all had a splashingly great time (yea, I made up that word). The upper half of grassy area is nice and Gary's been mowing. Picnic area, play area, horseshoes and volleyball court are perfect. Anyone want to form a casual volleyball club? Let me know. Maybe we can have a set time/day to play. 265-8680.

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