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Friday, June 11, 2010

from the headlines today:

Van der sloot lands in Peruvian jail
His evil cover blown
Dads not there to save his boy
Joran you're on your own

OJ seeks to appeal his case
2 years, where did they go
no one on the jury was my race
the judge she hates me so

Water recedes in Tennessee
Now the work begins
Flash floods now in Arkansas
16 campers meet their end

Bad boy holds a one year old
as hostage in old town Sac
a bullet wings him but he stays tough
Sac's best fights to get a baby back

Katie Perry appalled by Lady Ga-Ga
a Has Been and Who's To Be
Sandra shrugs off Jesse's regret
Strolling with baby happily

The great oil blob reaches our shores
tar balls and death are commonplace
BP exec's they wring their hands
lets hope we can win this race

Have a glorious weekend. We're draggin out the motorcycles for our first run of 2010. Finally.


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