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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Women's club & Election

The Cascade Shores Women's Club has found a great way to earn money. A team of members has volunteered to work the June Primary election. Over $400 will be earned for the club, which as you know puts on parties for the children and families of Cascade Shores. Kudos ladies (of which I am proudly one). Their post will be at the Firehouse on BQHill.
Just got back from 5 days on Oregon Coast. Same weather there! I watched the movie 2010, about massive global warming/drastic weather changes. Fact or fiction? You tell me. This is the coldest, wettest May in my memory!
The Tour of California brought great atmosphere in Nevada City. Sure, we only saw the bikers for about 1 minute, but the coming together of volunteers and shopkeepers and well wishers was amazing. Great crowd. We had front row seats in front of Gold Country Real Estate by the National, and everyone was in a great mood. We rode a motorcycle thinking parking would be impossible, but really, not much different than hot summer nights. Thanks Lance! The bikes made their destination Sunday. Michael Rogers and Team HTC won the race. Lance crashed in Visalia during stage 5, while defending Levi Leipheimer. He had to drop out after receiving 8 stitches under his eye, and sustaining a severe elbow contusion. He should be back in shape for the Tour de France. Levi finished in the #3 position, 25 seconds behind Michael Rogers. Good stuff. For sure they put Nevada City on the map, and on alot of peoples radar. We should see a huge bump in tourism from this. Should be a great turnout for the Father's Day Bike race too.


  1. Too bad the National Hotel owner who happens to be on the city board decided to bring in a couple vendors including Lazy Dog Ice Cream. It caused the candy store to lose lots of business. They were not allowed to have a booth outside their store, but the National's owner can do what he pleases on his own property, and apparently doesn't care too much about the business he serves on the board. Too bad the owners of the candy store, who happen to be our neighbors here in cascade shores lost out. I personally won't ever stay, eat or drink at the National ever again!

  2. interesting. I have had my own beefs with the National. I think they only survive as they are the only real hotel in town. It certainly isn't their customer service.