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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tailgaitors, so over, Lumberjacks, in like Flynn, BIG CONCERT COMIN UP

Union article says Tailgaitors in Brunzwick Basin is gone (not a surprize, since 95% of their menu was deep fried). Who deep fry's everthing in this day and age? Anyway, a chain called Lumberjacks is going to take a shot at that place. You know, that is the location where the Scott Thorpe shooting spree ended back in 2001, and I'm pretty sure that building has really bad ju-ju from the incident (manager was killed first week on job I think.) Oh, I said "shot." Really, no pun intended. LJ's has 4 locations, Redding, Yuba City and Sacramento (2). Good family friendly comfort food and a great salad selection, with kids menu's, at good prices. Good luck, bad ju-ju and all.
The Nevada County Land Trust is having their 8th annual "Stars" concert at the North Star House on Sat. Aug 28th. The main act is Legendary Mavis Staples of Staples Singers, an amazing R&B and Gospel singer, and local Lorraine Gervais and Burning Sensation Band warming up. This is a great opportunity to tour our own Julia Morgan creation (1st woman architect of California, 1st woman to graduate from UC Berkeley with civil engineering degree, and designer of Hearst' Castle and Asilomar Conference Center. ) They are creating a concert area and lots of parking at the North Star, for a wonderful evening under the stars. Lot's of good food and wine. Early birds (before 5/31) get discounts on tickets. It's a great night. Call 272-5994 for info.
ps: THE Saturday Farmers Market, formerly at the Fairgrounds has moved to this location. Check it out!


  1. Lumber Jacks I guess is better than nothing, but a Black Bear Diner would be the BEST!

  2. neverbeen to a black bear. tell me more...