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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free wood survivalists!

walking out Pasquale about 3/4 mile from the store saw tree work being done, lots of big ones being removed to open up the canopy and let the sun in. I asked the guy loading trees and he said it is a county project. He said it's ok to take the smaller stuff on the ground, just don't cut the trees stacked on the side. Lot's of 3' sections and large rounds up for grabs, mostly pines.
Hit the big lake both Sat and Sunday, and it was so quiet for a big holiday weekend. Only Kent & Anna Rees with their daughters and grand baby Little Rees on the beach. A handful of ski boats and some sail boats, and a few other kayaks out there. The water is still perfect for swimming. I guess we're being rewarded for such a late summer start with a long summer end!
By the way, the really good news is that both of Kent and Anna's daughters are expecting new little ones in March 2011!
Went to Pilot Peak Winery Saturday night for ribs and Blues. Fabulous! The setting in beautiful, the band played from 6-11, dinner was good and the wine flowed. The winery dog, a fairly overweight golden lab made the rounds all night looking for handouts. I guess he can't read, cause they had scotch taped a sign on his back that said "Please don't feed me." He looked perplexed at the lack of offerings. Kind of the equivalent of a "kick me" sign in jr. high. Poor guy.
Tonight I went to the 5 mile house on Hwy 20, yes, 5 miles out of town, for a memorial gathering for Mitch Faber, who passed on last spring. I've know Mitch for some 25 years, and he was an amazing guitarist (and guitar teacher) that really made his mark in Nevada County, and beyond. What a great evening, with his sister in law, Lorraine Gervais singing, his brother Charlie on bass, and many of his students contributing to a talented and moving concert. The 5 mile House is a great setting for concerts, has great food, and is really trying to get the word out. They donated the grounds for Mitch's memorial/celebration of life concert. Good guys.
Don't forget that next saturday is the firehouse yard sale and hot dog lunch. Come by and find a treasure, sell stuff or grab and lunch. Kids can have a booth for free. Time to get your kids to clean out their old toys? Great time for them to make a few $$ and get a little lesson in capitalism.

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