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Friday, September 10, 2010

On the Road with Austin and Santino, and US

Last Thursday Lifetime aired an episode of "On the Road with Austin and Santino." They are a couple of clothing designers that travel the country remaking innocent local yokels. It's very campy, and very funny. Last week they "remade" Jacque, owner of Pilot Peak Vineyards for her 60th birthday party. It features Mill Street fabrics, Solstice in Nevada City, and of course Pilot Peak and Lake Wildwood. Too goofy to describe. You can view it by typing the title in Google. Must see. Sidenote: Austin is from Nevada City (though he never let's on) and was a contestant on Project Runway's first season. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, skip it . . . . but if you have any inkling, it's 20 minutes you won't regret. He kind of resembles one of the vampires on Twilight, but he's funnier. I guess it's not hard to be funnier than a vampire. I'm rambling. . . .
Just got home from 2 days & nights in Reno, with a side trip to Virginia City (20 minute drive). I haven't been to VC for many years, and forgot how interesting it really is, not to mention the scenic drive there. We did a self guided "nook and cranny" tour and found some really interesting buildings to tour (Fourth Ward school, built during the heyday of 22,000 residents, and held 1,000 students at a time.) Courthouse, Opera House. If you go there, be sure to travel the streets above and below the main drag, as that's where you find the really interesting stuff. We stayed downtown Reno at the El Dorado, and were treated this morning to the site of dozens of hot air balloons drifting around from our 23rd floor room. The Reno night sky is beautiful, and waking to the beautiful mountain range views give you such a peaceful rising. We earned breakfast by taking a brisk walk down the Truckee River park area, and saw the Cirque show at ED. Throw in some really great meals, and the whole thing cost less than $200. Great mini vacation, great bargain!

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