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Monday, November 1, 2010


No, were not talking about Grandma here. The fact is, may senior dogs and cats are turned into shelters every day, or found abandoned on the streets. Yes, even in Nevada County. Their chances of finding a home are slim, as everyone, understandably, wants a young healthy animal. These animals often actually are healthy, or maybe need a inexpensive daily dose of meds (don't you?).
A man and his wife came into the shelter a few weeks ago, and selected a large overweight 12 year old German Shepard. I had to ask. "Why that dog?" There are so many to choose from." The man said, "A few months ago my dog passed on at 12. Had him since a pup. I'm not ready to make that 12 year commitment just yet, but surely I can share a few years with this guy." Doesn't that make you want to cry?
So, maybe you would like to have a pet, but for whatever reasons can't make that long term commitment. What about sharing the next 5 years with a wonderful deserving little soul who lost their family thru no fault of their own?
November is "adopt a senior" month. Please consider. Is there some floor space in your warm comfy home for a little dog or kitty bed? Room in the cupboard for a few cans and bag of food? Room in your heart for a new loving friend?
A month ago my so very beloved Doxie, the famous Harry T. Dog passed away in my arms quite unexpectedly. He just turned 16 in August. He has been part of the family for 14 1/2 years. I think the last 6 years were his sweetest (he was actually wonderfully evil the first 10. He wasn't known as "the little bastard" for nothin'). God Bless and please care of the little man till I get there.
Anyway, think about it, and please pass on that story. Thank you for reading.


  1. Thank God the photo was of Harry and not that Fruit Bat! RIP, Harry!

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. My husband and I always loved hearing Harry bark and see him running around the yard. We especially loved watching you cart him around in a kids stroller over the past couple of years. Harry will be missed by all.

  3. thanks so much. he touched many hearts. some of my family have weiner dogs now because of Harrys infectious charm. Life is just not complete without a weiner in the house.