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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

December in April!

Isn't April supposed to come in like and Lion and go out like a Lamb? Nay, nay. Just made it back from town (saw Oceans at the Del Oro). By the time I hit Brunswick and NC Hwy, the hail was 2" deep, and all the 2 wheeled vehicles were a slippin' and a slidin'. Made the curve around Meeks Lumber and found a total cluster ____ at Ridge Rd and NC Hwy, with Rangers and Sheriff's Dept. attempting to control all the sliders, and folks chaining up. Pulled into Zion Thrift and watched the chaos for awhile, and jumped back in. Found the Pine Street bridge closed due to condition. Snuck around Pioneer Park (Broad St. intersection clogged ) up Red Dog to Pasquale intersection to find 2 cars in the ditch and the plow TRYING to clear Red Dog, with a line stopped to await. When we got to moving again, everyone was slipping and couldn't get traction to get going again, so more in the ditch or sideways . . . I wheeled the trusty Suburu around that cluster, onto Pasquale and made it safetly into the shores, while only a few passed me trying to make it out (good luck when you hit the Y). Hubby had the fire going, and there's a spicy casserole in the oven. Life is good. Hope you made it home safe. Snowing here, after a good hail storm earlier. I like the snow much better than those ice balls!
Oceans is a beautiful movie, plays like a Natl Geo documentary. It is a wonderful reminder of the unimaginable beauty of the 2/3 (or 4/5) of our planet that we never see. Just wondrous, like a secret world right under our nose. Great movie for the little ones, well really for the whole family.
Hope you're enjoying SOCAL Dixie. Lucky dog!


  1. Hard to believe it was SO NICE just on Monday! I hope this was the last of it!

  2. love it!
    too bad most of the ski resorts have closed when washington's gotten its biggest snowfalls in April!

    hope harry and jenna were cuddled by the fireplace!