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Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank you Liz Keller & anyone looking for used Kayak?

Beau continued: I want to totally thank Liz Keller for helping get Beau a home. He was originally thought to be a Pekingese, and was posted on Scooters Pals as such. Once Liz clued me in that he looked like a Tibetan Spaniel, and we verified, his profile was updated, and BINGO! The family from Sacramento had been looking for that specific breed, and just fell in love with his pic and profile. (His new Mom's mother spotted him and called and said "your dog is named Beau and he lives in Nevada City!) So, power to blogging and power to Liz for tipping us off after reading the blog. Don't you love it when the world works like that! Liz, there is a Tibbie in Berkeley shelter looking for a boy to love. Check the website. She looks darling.
At 5PM today saw a lady putting a used blue Diablo single kayak in her driveway with a 4sale sign. Talked to her. Son going to college. Can't take boat along. She's asking $300. Hard to find used kayaks. She is at the corner of Crystal Wells and Banner Quaker Hill. Saw her husband loading 2 other kayaks on the roof of his Forrester. He put those foam noodles on first to cushion the boats. Clever. There should be a book "100 Uses for Noodles."

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