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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yep, snowing in the shores again

Had to run up top Summit Ridge this AM to feed pets. Huge snow flakes falling, and sticking.
This has to be the last of it, right? Sun predicted Thurs - Sunday. Happy day.
Scooters Pals is having a adopt-a-thon at the Nevada County shelter this Saturday, 12-4.
They will also have one at Incredible Pets on 5/8, from 11-2. That's the pet shop by the cinema on Sutton Way. Lot's of beautiful health dogs looking for a home. And they're being fostered, so their temperment is know by the foster parents. That's a big plus. Wish I'd know my Jenna was a regular Houdini when I got her at shelter, but she was a new stray (wonder why???? duh). But then maybe I would not have adopted her, and that would be my loss. I love my little Houdini.

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