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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sales, sales, sales

Sure seems to be alot of home sales here recently. The house next door sold, after 2 YEARS on the market. One on Nugget sold after only 60 days or so, and then I met a couple walking on Pasquale that said they just brought a house here, and now their kids are looking for one near the lake. I also noticed two on Cascade Dr sold in the last few months. I'm sure there are more, but even that's alot after what seemed like no movement at all. Also met a couple that purchased a lot on BQ Hill Rd. Lots still with 4sale signs, and prices seem stable. It will be nice to meet new neighbors on my daily dog walks!
My foster dog Chester got a 4ever home last Friday. Chester, a 10 year old beagle with "soulful eyes" was dropped off at the NC Shelter by his owner of 10 years, as she wanted a divorce from him, and they needed to "move on." He was so sweet and well behaved that I decided to foster him on the spot, so he did not need to live in a cage for even a day. He was a perfect gentleman, and I can't imagine why a person would not have tried to get him a good home, rather than taking him to the shelter. Anyway, a wonderful woman from Ukiah came to rescue him, and took him to her lovely home and I know will shower him with love and affection for the rest of his sweet life. Everyone who met him fell hard for him, and we'll miss his forever.
Had my great nieces for 11 days, ages 11 and 13. Always great to have kids here to help me rediscover the wonders of Nevada County. Went to the Fair, camping at Washington and swimming in the Yuba, boating on Scotts Flat, and dining in Grass Valley. The girls are smart, fun, beautiful and wise beyond their years. What a treat. I returned them to Oregon and can't wait till our 2011 adventures.

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  1. I'll miss hearing Chester Bellow. He was so cute.