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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to handle bear encounters

This was on a sign in a Canadian National Park (I've condensed)
Welcome to our park. You may know that we have 2 kinds of bears here, black bears, and Grizzleys. Black bears are typically shy, so if you are traveling within the park, you may want to make a little noise or break branches, so the bears will be aware of you and avoid crossing your path. Grizzyly's on the other hand can be quite aggressive and have been known to attack, so we suggest that you wear small bells on your clothes to warn the bear, and carry pepper spray. Another way to tell what kind of bear is in the area is to look at their scat (poop). Black bear scat contains berries, and sometimes the fur of small rodents. Grizzly bear poo on the other hand contains little bells, and smells of pepper. Enjoy!
Saw a neighbor moving in on Pasquale a few weeks ago, a nice young woman and her 10 year old daughter. We discussed the need for 4 wheel drive at times, and the cooler temps here, possible power outages due to trees falling, and of course lots of snow at times. Well, a few days later in "the storm" a tree came through her roof shoving the stovepipe down and the stove into the living room, followed by a 4 1/2 day power outage. I saw her packing her Uhaul today. Mother nature can be cruel.
I've been here since 1999, & don't remember snow in November. Am I crazy? Having a debate with Juleana across the street. Settle it for me if you can. Thanks.
with the snow finally melting a bit, I can now see the damage to my fruit trees, and in walking the neighborhood, can see lots of trees leaning on homes. We have a really good tree service right here in the shores. Call Michael Cotton, 265-5724 of Michael's Personalized Tree Service (certified arborist WE7065A). He'll help you clear the debris/chip/etc.

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