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Saturday, November 27, 2010

White stuff is still falling/Getting your Mail

Since the middle of the night. People are coming slowly down big hill. Haven't heard the plow yet, but it usually doesn't start till 2" on the ground. Pasquale way dry last night coming in, so should be just the new stuff on it. NevadaCityWebCam showing it only drizzling in town.
Gentle reminder from your postal delivery person, the "other" Denise. When you are clearing the snow from your driveway, or having it cleared, please remember to clear the space in front of your mailboxes. Denise has strict orders from her supv. not to exit the truck to deliver mail (excluding large packages). So if she cannot reach your mailbox from her window, your mail will be returned to the post office until she can reach.
Helpful hint to the weekenders: If you are in the habit of turning off the water at your home, and at the street to prevent your pipes from freezing, consider turning a garbage can or 5 gal bucket over the outside access, so you can locate it under 2' snow. You're welcome.

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