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Friday, December 3, 2010

snow removal

If you're sick of walking thru 2ft of snow to get to the street, I heard some industrious young man from Grass Valley is parking his Kabota scooper across from the store parking lot, ready to move snow for you. Smart guy. Dixie has his number, but I can't reach her. Blog it Dix. Share the wealth!
So weird when you drive into town, and the sun is shining, people are moving around, wearing shorts. I feel like I live in Siberia! I'm wearing my layers, hiking boots, and keeping a snow shovel in the car. Then I remember why I moved here. After living in the Bay Area all my life (aka the Gray Area) where the only variance is fog season/no fog season, I wanted to experience a real seasonal change. I love the winter challenges, the extreme quiet after a snowfall, and the way my yard looks like a black and white photo. Then the wonder of burst of life in spring, warm weather from Memorial Day till Labor day, and the spectacular Fall here. I know these occasional drastic storms can make for inconvenience, but really, out of 365 days, how many are tough? It's definitely a different way of life, than living in LA or Berkeley. It draws a certain type of person, and I have met the most interesting people of my life right here in Nevada County, and especially in Cascade Shores. So, for my friends that stay, and laugh off the inconveniences, I salute you. Can't wait to get together over drinks at Christmas and swap "war" stories about the Thanksgiving storm of 010. Love ya!


  1. We're still here - in the midst of our third winter up here - and have no plans to leave. Each snow storm is a an adventure and a learning experience that makes us better prepared for the next one. The best part of the winters up here is watching how the residents of Cascade Shores band together. My husband & son helped Ali get his generator running so he could keep the store operational, Steve and April let Ali stay a their house so he wouldn't have to try and drive home, someone up the road came over and shoveled our elderly neighbor's driveway - without being asked, we took in a man who could not make it back up to Chalk Bluff where he was living in a tent before the storm hit. All of these things confirm that there is no better place to live than the Shores.

  2. And as Pam says "we're still here too" after only moving to Cascade Shores in October and then November is hit with the rather large, snow storm. We got a first hand taste of what winter can be like and learned rather quickly how to be prepared. It didn't drive us away, just drew us closer to the area, as we too had lots of helping hands from very kind and friendly neighbors. My husband keeps saying that "we made the right decision" moving there and I too feel the same. A few mornings I just looked out our windows and cried tears of happiness...........

  3. Welcome to the Shores to you and your husband, Robin! You did make the right decision. All four seasons up here are fabulous. Hope to meet you sometime...Pam