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Monday, September 12, 2011

These thunderheads are going to hang around through tomorrow

or so the weather report says. Hearing the rumble, no precipitation yes, though we had a little rain last night. Feels good to have this cooling trend, though it's pretty muggy out there.
Fire Safe expressed concern to the CSHA board as to all the brush piles in front of homes here in the shores. Don't know if the county is still doing it for free, so you will have to contact them, or contact Michael Cotton or Brian Bixler down here, or for that matter any tree trimmer/chipper you may know. We need to make our community as safe as possible, and those piles need to be chipped or removed. Don't wait for a miracle! There is a link to the request form on home page of CSHA.
Banner Quaker Hill is finally being resurfaced today up top, so you might want to take a different route home. Pasquale and Banner Lava appear finished.
The Women's Triathalon is this coming Sunday, so be aware that streets by the lake will be closed in the A.M. Come down and root for those wonderful athletes, and donate if you can to this great cause, early detection of cancer through imaging, or peace of mind knowing you are "all clear." Your dollars pay for mammograms for lots of deserving women who can't afford this very important exam.
Went to the duck races yesterday. That really is a fun event. I guess my duck didn't win, however the lucky winner received $5000. This is put on by NC Rotary, a great organization. Our own Caroline Inglis is the new President elect of the Nevada City chapter. She's a hard working clever lady, and was our CSHA secretary for years, and a great friend (even though we haven't talked for weeks Caroline, what they hey?).
We're heading into propane season again, so if you have not yet joined the CSHA, you might want to do it now.  Propane is about $2.50 a gal, and will only go up as we enter fall/winter.  AS a member, you will be saving as much as 20-30% on every tank.  The CSHA will prorate your membership this year, as membership is typically paid in April.  So fill out the app and send in your pro-rated check now, and get that discount with SUBURBAN  and support your HomeOwner Assn.  They work for you!
Once more, I have to brag about the amazing paint job Herve, Jeremy and Tony did on our house. I still think I'm at someone else's driveway when I pull up. Still putting things away (where did all that stuff come from) to prepare for the rainy season, but I can't say enough about the great job the guys did, and how reasonably priced they were. Thanks again guys! They also do general contracting and foundation stuff. Between them and Brian Harrison, who did a bathroom and our wonderful living room addition, you never need to go outside for help with your home projects/additions.
Oh, look, just passed 14K reads.  Thanks folks.

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