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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Wow, everywhere you go they are resurfacing. Looks like Pasquale is done. I have to say, Pasquale is just that much more beautiful with new blacktop, when man and nature collide, in a good way. The sharp black street against the beautiful red soil, framed by the beautiful green forest is breathtaking this time of year. It's so sad that the Madrona forest is sick and fading down the road. You can see the tops browning, and so many seem to be dying or dead. I understand it is a viral disease, and it will be sad to loose any of those gorgeous trees, but I guess the forest is ever changing.
They seem to be wrapping up the project on Idaho Maryland/Banner Lava Cap, and at least for now, you can take that route without delays. Banner Quaker Hill resurfacing is done.
All done in time for this weekends Triathalon. The boat ramp closes today after 1PM I think, and will reopen Sunday afternoon.
Hope to see you at the competition tomorrow (ugh, 7:30 ish) to root for the ladies! I will have foster dog Kit Carson, sweetest guy ever. Also, I brought Mia home from the shelter for the weekend. She is a 9 year old white lab, a 10 on the beauty scale, and just as sweet. Her mom lost her home (crappy recession) and took Mia to the vet to be euthanized, the only reason being she had no where to rehome her. Fortunately the vet refused, and she is now at Sammies Friends shelter awaiting someone to adopt her. Wait till you see her, she's wonderful. If you know anyone who might want a beautiful sweet dog, or even to foster her so she doesn't have to live at the shelter while she awaits adoption, let me know. Sammies Friends provides food, vet care and any meds needed while you foster. Mia just needs a yard and a fluffy dog bed. She's very quiet, but very healthy.
2 of my favorite rescue dogs have been adopted by neighbors in the last 2 weeks. Yay, I get to see them on their daily walks. Sushi the wiener dog and Oreo the Aussie are new Cascade Shores residents, and much loved already!

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