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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Don't know about the rest of Nevada County, but here in the shores a beautiful rose glow appeared about 5:30pm, and at 7:30 the thunderheads moved in, and the sky became heavy with large gray clouds.  Just returned from walking the dogs, and lightning strikes could be seen rapidly appearing towards the east, in the high sierra.  They are easily heard and seen here, and every dog in the neighborhood is barking.  It all feels rather ominous.  KEEP THE DOGS SAFE.  This is the kind of event that makes them run, and the shelter get's full of strays that were only trying to escape the fear of the noise.
Speaking of, I still have the cutest, most loving and fun foster dog, Kit Carson.  He's a beagle mix, and a beautiful blond color.  Loves water, air blowers, walks, chasing tennis balls, anything that squeaks, and cuddling.  Likes every person and every dog, and has learned to live with cats.  He's about 3 years old,weighs about 20 lbs, and best of all, not a barker.  However, he is a great guard dog, and won't let anyone in my gate without my permission.  If Carson sounds like your kind of guy, give me a call, 265-8680.

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