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Friday, May 13, 2011

Yes, there will be lunch served at Lost Mine Lake 2morrow

Pam Herrenkohl assured me that there will be lunch served to those helping clean up the lake area tomorrow.
wondering who the group camping at Firehouse are? It is a group of about 26 young Americorp and Fire Safe Council helpers. They are making a firebreak in the woods up by Red Dog and Quaker Hill Cross Road. They will be here till Sunday. They said another group will be coming in that will stay for2 weeks. So, if you want to be a good neighbor, and thank them for their service (they are volunteers afterall) stop by with some treats and a good word! I heard they are even going to help at Lost Mine Lake Saturday. I spoke with a few yesterday, and they are really nice kids.
Snow predicted Sunday. Do you believe it. Well, the almanac claims 3 snows after the dogwoods bloom. They bloomed about 2 weeks ago. So if it's true, we'll get 2 more after this. Don't go running out and buying those bedding plants yet!
My blog is sneaking up on 10,000 hits since inception. Thanks! I don't even remember when I started, but that's alot of reads. I appreciate your encouragement.
The Amgen Bike Tour of California is starting in Tahoe on Sunday. They will be coming down Hwy 20 and into Nevada City on Monday. Not sure of the time, but they'll probably sail through pretty fast! Still, if you know roughly what time, let me know!

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