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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lost Mine Lake Cleanup

So, the annual cleanup is Saturday the 14th (coming up). I hear CSHA is putting 2 new benches at the Lake, and one at the dog beach (some vandals destroyed the one I built for dog beach. Bummer). Hope they are serving lunch! So grab a tool and wheelbarrow and come down. Beats looking at all the downed trees at your own place, right?
Speaking of, I drove around Mt. View today. Boy, the really got clobbered by that storm. So many big trees are now large piles of firewood. Reminder: burn permits are needed now. I'm guessing the burn season will be short this year, so get a jump if you plan to burn.
Went to the Casa de Inglis yesterday. They live right next to boat ramp. While I was the, they saw (I missed) a young bear cub scoot right across the yard on it's way to the lake. Lot's of bear sightings lately. The lake is FULL, FULL, FULL. Can't wait for the boating season to start. Last Saturday was the "no motor" day. Time to buy that $150 season pass.
Wasnt' that crazy the other day when it was sunny, then hailing, then sunny, then hailing. It snowed that day in Tahoe. Nice today. All the birds have returned, and I hear crickets at night. A good sign. The dogwoods are in full bloom, so no more snow, right?
Talked to Dixie Redfearn today. She's loving live in Urange County. She's jazzed that Costco and T. Joe's are so close she can go just to pick up one item. I don't know, sounds dangerous to me. Everytime we go for toilet paper we seem to come home with a gazebo or some strange impulse thingy. Anyway, she's bragging about all the great weather. I kind of like our "crap shoot" weather. You never know what you'll get from one moment to the next.

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