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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sam the un-bossy Doxie

Hi All, I'm Sam. I've been at the shelter for a month, cause my former mom said I was bossy. I'm a Doxie, so duh. Doxie is German for "large and in charge." Anyway, I am in foster care now with Denise, and she said I am not bossy in the least. I immediately got along with Jenna the dog and Katy the TOTALLY BOSSY Chihuahua. I ignored the two kitties, and found a wonderful bed on the floor. I politely tell you when I have to go outside to do my business, and I love watching TV from the sofa. I will gladly accompany you on a walk, and I don't bark unless there's a darn good reason. Do you want a great doggie companion? Come meet me at 15855 Banner Quaker Hill Rd. I'm only 3 1/2, so I plan to live a long happy life with my next family. I'd love to meet you. By the way, I have a quirk. I actually smile! Denise will try to get a picture of me smiling. It's pretty funny.


  1. WOW he is a big boy. I'm sure you'll find a great home for him.

  2. Thanks. we are keeping him through his heartworm treatment (takes about 6 weeks) then I'll be looking. He's a great dog. In the top 2 of the 16 fosters we've had. Spread the word!