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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movie of the Week "ET"

The Womens Club is showing the classic movie ET Friday night at the Firehouse parking lot. Popcorn and beverages are free. Bring your favorite movie chair and a nice warm blanket. It's gonna be cool out there.
Cal Fire has been checking out yards for fallen debris (I told you so a few weeks ago). They are giving you a report card (oooooeeeee, I got an "excellent, keep up the good work). If there are concerns, they give a follow update. SO, if you don't live here, you might want to have someone check to see if there is a warning on your door. Could result in a fine.
Wow, is it cool here now. Only a 72 high the past few days. Nice to sit out and read weather, or finish up that yard work. I have yet to test the water temp of the Big Lake. Have you? What's the verdict, swimmable?

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