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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Best aftermath of SuperBowl/Milk

Went to Savemart Monday after Superbowl and got avacado's for 50cents each. Wow! They must have been overordered for SB. And after I just read about the great avacado crop shortage in California!
Dixie and I and the hubby went to see "Milk" at the Del Oro. What a well made movie. I was actually working in downtown San Fran on the day of the murders, a few blocks from City Hall. It was devastating, Moscone was so popular and Milk so entertaining. I remember the gay movement, and also the headlines, "100 people have died from mysterious disease" (AIDS). Hard to believe 31 years have passed, millions have died, and we are still debating gay rights. Anyway, Director Gus Van Zant certainly captured the era and feelings and the amazing journey of Harvey Milk. He even managed to make Dan White a sympathic character (not easy considering his cold blooded deed). This is a don't miss.

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