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Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Idol/Adam Lambert

I fully admit to being an AI junkie. DO NOT CALL MY HOUSE BETWEEN 8-9PM ON TUES OR WED. That said, if you are following AI this year, my pick, like just about everyone else is Adam Lambert. If you want to see him REALLY do his thing, type into Google "Adam Lambert is crazy" and see him do his cabaret bit with the girls. Pick the 1st offering on google (should be a UTUBE video, or just go to Utube and type in same). There are alot of clips from his performances before "idol" discovered him. (I don't think he was unfound . . . )
Hope you are aware of the rabid skunk that attacked 2 dogs on Summitt Ridge in late March. KNCO reported that the animal control located the skunk's nest, and found other skunks had been there too. So, be on the look out for skunks or foxes behaving strangely in the area, and make sure all you pets have rabies vaccines, even the kitties.
Someone left a message to me (anon) that there has been another incident on BQH near Summitt and that a skunk charged people and their dogs . . . . . skunk was shot . . . .

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  1. Another skunk bit a dog right off of Quaker Hill (near summit)yesterday 4/8/09. The skunk went for the owners, then their dogs. Owner unloaded his gun on the skunk and it kept coming. They said it was HUGE.