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Friday, April 17, 2009

Snowing and 80 degrees this week

That's right, a few days ago it snowed (just for a few minutes a few times) and today it was in the 70's, going to 80 tomorrow. Scotts Flat Lake is so full there is virtually no beach at this moment on our side, and Lost Mine Lake is full too. Everyone is out planting flowers, the bulbs are in bloom, and the dogwoods are starting to pop. Happy Days!
The Womens Club Easter party was a big success as always. This year we added an egg hunt for about 30, which was much enjoyed by the kids. Each child had to find 4 eggs with special stickers to keep it fair, and they seemed to like finding "their special eggs." Then onto the party inside the firehouse that included bingo, musical chairs (even the older kids love that one), making bunnies on skateboards and beating the candy out of the pinata. It was a perfectly sunny day after a week of rain. Did you know that this is all paid for the the Womens Club fundraisers? They sell various items at the special events held here over the summer. So if you are interested in supporting, be sure to buy those items (such as the daffodil bulbs, CS wine glasses, tote bags, aprons, caps.) If you don't go to events but are interested in buying said items, call Anna Rees at 265-6114 and she'll tell you what she has in stock. They also planted those daffodils in the big hill that look so pretty right now.

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